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New Pastor

Following the retirement of our most recent pastor, we are seeking a new shepherd who will lead us, care for us and feed us God’s Word.

Church Profile

Shoaff Park Baptist Church is seeking a senior pastor to continue the ministry of the church in Ft Wayne, Indiana. The church has 50+ member plus others who faithfully attend.  The church’s key strengths are friendliness, Bible believing, music and faithful giving.

Successful candidates should possess the following characteristics:

  • Strong in evangelism and people skills

  • Expository, topical and evangelistic preaching styles

  • Seminary degree

  • Command of the scriptures and able to exhort believers in Godliness

  • Ministry experience of 11-15+ years

  • Vision for church growth

   In addition to the biblical qualifications of a pastor/elder (1 Tim.3; Titus 1), Scripture gives further insight into the life and ministry of a pastor. We desire a man who not only loves the Lord Jesus Christ, but is continuing to grow in His love, faith, and obedience to Christ. This would imply a strong devotional life both for him personally and for his family. He should encourage our congregation to follow him as He follows Christ, modeling the Christian life.

Furthermore, we desire a pastor who is a shepherd (1 Pet. 5:1-3). One who is willing to encourage, exhort, counsel, admonish and sympathize. This may involve visits to our elderly members who are home-bound or in assisted-care facilities; as well as hospital visits to those members suffering ill health. It may also require confrontation with those members who are displaying ungodly behavior.

Hearing the preaching and teaching of the Word God is a regular part of congregational life at SPBC. We desire a pastor who is a true student of the Word, able to effectively communicate God’s Word to us while showing how it is applicable. (1 Tim. 4:13-16; 2 Tim. 2:2; 4:2) He needs to be equipping us (Eph.4:11-16) for life as well as to help in the ministry. Our pastor needs to do the work of an evangelist as well as help us do the same. He also needs to be a man of prayer and endeavor to lead us likewise.

Shepherding and pastoring our congregation also implies a certain amount of leadership skills. We are a body, a congregation, a family. We are an organized and mature congregation but also need direction, especially in regards to our future sustainability.

While this flock needs shepherding, we also desire growth. There is much potential for that here in Fort Wayne, despite being a “city of churches”. SPBC is situated close to the Purdue-Fort Wayne and IVY Tech campuses. Fort Wayne is also an approved immigrant & refugee destination with a large population of international people. Our own congregation is minimally multi-ethnic, but we are open to more ethnic diversity.

The congregation of SPBC is praying for you, a possible pastoral candidate. We trust that you will pray for us as well.

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