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Taking the Word To The World

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Keeping with this, Shoaff Park Baptist Church has the privilege to share in gospel ministry with several domestic and overseas missionaries. Please take time to read more about these families and how the Lord is working in and through their lives.

Mike & Anna Cole


Mango, Togo


Reaching the lost through medical and church planting ministries.

Learn more about the Cole Family >

Elizabeth Johnson



Serving with Memorial Christian Hospital in


David & Ruth Kimmel




Serving as part of the Baptist Mid-Missions church planting team located in northwest Romania. Focused on evangelism, discipleship, and outreach among the Roma (Gypsies).

Learn more about the Kimmels in Romania >

Craig Hartman


New York, NY

New York-based Shalom Ministries has been stirred to challenge churches to have a burden for, and develop an outreach to, the Jewish people in their communities.

Learn more about the Shalom Ministries >

Mike and Stephanie Smith


Brevard, North Carolina

Assisting in the church-planting efforts of missionaries in the United States and abroad.

Josh and Rachel Stewart



Church planters in Taiwan with Baptist Mid-Missions.

Learn more about the Stewart family >

Stephen and Tammi Wess


Reno , NV


Church planters at Canyon Springs Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV.

Learn more about the Wess family >

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